monochrome series

The series sprung as a completely different vision prior to received my second individual DTES Small Arts GrantAward, but quickly came to a halt due to the pandemic and rebirthed as a new idea

Nature is unapologetic, impulsive, and primal - akin to humanity. Nature is also delicate and caring to it's surroundings - akin to our desire to take care of one another. Too often, we are busy and enveloped in our own lives, making it easy to ignore larger issues right in front of our eyes and within our communities. The hand-sewn pieces resemble quilted work - a comforting, nurturing and caring nature. It represents our need, as members of society, to understand and acknowledge our connectivity to humankind as a whole, and our issues as a community. It is our own responsibility to take care of everything that surrounds us, our community, our family.